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$28.00 USD

The 2019 Kathryn A. Morton Prize in Poetry will be judged by Sarabande’s founders, Sarah Gorham and Jeffrey Skinner, to celebrate 25 years of publishing excellence. 

The prize includes a $2,000 cash award, publication of a full-length collection of poetry, a Sarabande Writing Residency, and a standard royalty contract. Kathryn A. Morton was a published author and devotee of fine literature, especially poetry. 


This contest is open to any poet writing in English. Employees and board members of Sarabande Books, Inc. are not eligible. Individual poems from the manuscript may have been published previously in magazines, chapbooks of less than 48 pages, or anthologies, but the collection as a whole must be unpublished. Translations and previously published collections are not eligible. To avoid conflict of interest, close friends of a judge or current students in a degree-granting program with a judge are not eligible.


  • Manuscript must be ANONYMOUS—the author’s name or address must not appear anywhere on the manuscript (title page should contain the title only)
  • Must be typed, standard font, 12 pt., if printed must be on standard white printer paper, unbound (binder clip or rubber bands preferred)
  • Minimum length 48 pages
  • Manuscript must be paginated consecutively with a table of contents and acknowledgements page (a list of publications in which poems in the manuscript have appeared)
  • Must be accompanied by a $28 submission fee

Multiple submissions are permitted if submitted separately, each with a submission fee. Once submitted, manuscripts cannot be altered. Winner will be given the opportunity to make changes before publication. Simultaneous submissions to other publishers are permitted, but please withdraw your submission if accepted elsewhere. 

A winner will be selected in September, and all entrants will be notified of the winners and finalists shortly afterward. Sarabande Books considers all finalists for publication.